Best of the West

The award is presented to recognize the most outstanding programming session delivered by a student staff member as voted on by their peers. 


Jesara Nichol School Citizenship Award

Awarded to the individual that best represents the values of LEAD – Learn, Educate, Act and Dare; as voted on by all conference attendees.

This award is named in honor of the late Jesara Nichol, who attended LEAD as both a student delegate and a professional staff member. Jesara personified the values of LEAD and this award is one way the RLPA honors her memory as well as her contributions and impact to the Residence Life profession.


Case Study

The case study is designed to test your ability to think on your feet and to share with the judges the practical skills you have learned during your time as a Residence Life staff member. The case study topic will be presented to all delegates on Saturday afternoon. The case study is not mandatory but is highly encouraged as it is a great way to engage with delegates from other institutions. 





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