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Bob Chartier

Bob Chartier

Keynote 2018

Bob’s new book Handcrafted Leadership…the art and craft of building engaged workplaces and communities is now available.

His keynotes reflect the ideas presented in the new book that challenge readers and participants who are looking at the serious leadership and engagement questions these days in our workplaces and our communities.

Questions like…

* Knowing that the Gallup people tell us that close to 70% of our employees are not that engaged these days, how could we realistically get those numbers up without just doing another ubiquitous survey or holding another one of those old school Town Halls? So how could we get our engagement scores up?

* There is a lot of jargon and misunderstanding around the term engagement these days. Really what do I need to be more curious about?

* How could I really build a culture of leadership where we might actually engage leadership at all levels?

* How can a new practice based model of leadership and a more systems approached engagement strategy contribute to workplace wellness, performance management and increased effectiveness?

* And the bottom line…how can I do all of this on little or even no budget?

If any of these questions would resonate with your future audiences you might want to consider this challenge. Bob is a low tech, non-motivational speaker who prefers to leave audiences with something more practical for Monday Morning than a dose of motivation. Bob is a storyteller and an experienced practitioner. There is no deliverable program or package here, only case histories, stories and provocation.

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