Hello everyone and welcome to LEAD!

The residence experience on any campus is amazing. A large part of that is directly attributable to the communities we develop. By creating an environment that supports academic achievement, connects students and promotes interaction and engagement, we create outstanding value for our students’ overall campus experience.

To do this requires a team of colleagues all dedicated to providing this experience and modelling the way. One of the most important positions for doing this is residence student leaders. Whether your institution titles them Community Advisors, Residence Assistants, Resident Advisors, or something else, the position remains one of the two most significant in positively impacting our students’ experiences on campus.

Like any leadership position, it requires training and an ongoing commitment to learn and apply that learning to improve ourselves as leaders, so that we can broaden the impact we have on our students. LEAD was created to support that growth, and it is with much excitement that I welcome you to LEAD. Learn as much as you can with the plan to teach it to your colleagues and fellow students when you return to your home campus.

Have a great experience as you grow to continue to make a difference.

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